Pearlage night cream 50ml

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Eugenomics Perlage is an exfoliating and illuminating treatment with an anti-aging effect, able to give a radiant appearance to the skin.

Eugenomics PerlAge 50 ml

Caratteristics Eugenomics PerlAge is an exfoliating and illuminating treatment able to renew the skin of face, neck and hands, giving a radiant appearance. The Eugenomics PerlAge treatment also has a distinctly moisturizing, anti-aging and stimulating action for the production of collagen. Furthermore, it has an antioxidant and depigmentation action because it eliminates dead cells, smoothens the skin and uniforms it’s color. Eugenomics Perlage is ideal for preparing skin for professional peeling. Way of use Eugenomics Perlage is applied in the evening after having thoroughly cleansed the face and neck, and massaged gently until the total absorption, being careful to avoid the area around the eyes. We recommend a cycle of 15-20 days for particularly sensitive skins, while for normal skins, Eugenomics Perlage can be used continuously. Size Bottle of 50 ml


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