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Eugepanda under-eye circles serum 15 ml

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Product description

Eugepanda performs an action aimed at countering the imperfections of the eye contour characterized by wrinkles, dark circles, drooping eyelids, swelling, bags. Thanks to a mix of targeted components, the serum contributes to the improvement of the periocular area. By applying the serum twice a day, after two months of treatment, the area will show visible improvement. Eugepanda promotes the removal of excess pigments, responsible for dark circles, and decongests the area. The so-called “panda effect” is lightened, and the swelling of the bags reduced. The dermal structure is strengthened and the elasticity improved. The upper eyelid appears lifted thanks to the lifting effect and the reduction of crow’s feet.

Method of use

Apply a small amount of serum on the periocular area and tap gently to promote absorption.


Eugepanda brightens the glance, giving a younger and more rested look.


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